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Welcome to La Bella

Where Artistry Meets Elegance!

Step into a world where nails are not just adorned but transformed into the works of art using finest international products & techniques.

Our Studios in Mumbai (Andheri West & Powai) and Jaipur are sanctuaries of opulence & elegance, each showcasing a unique blend of creativity & luxury.

Founded by Anuja S Mathur, whose passion for nails led to an inspiring transformation from a side hustle to a renowned studio & academy. Trained internationally in Russia, Anuja has mentored over 100 students nationwide, shaping the future of nail Artistry in India.

This is an original work by Anuja S. Mathur, MD, La Bella Nail Studio & Academy

Manicured Hands

Elevating your experience with exceptional services for stunning results

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"What we think, we Become!"

- Buddha

Pink Nails


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