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Basic Nail Enhancement

Learn the Basics about Nail Enhancements like Shapes, application of Gel Polish, Gel polish Removal, Application of tip, Nail Structure, Types of Extension techniques etc. Register now for more details 

Advance Nail Course Certifiation

Learn the Advanced Level of Nail Enhancement Techniques and become an Expert Nail Technician, that every Studio desires! The course includes the basic popular Nail Acrylic and Gel Nail Systems. We teach latest Nail Arts, Latest Products and a lot more. For More details and Registration, Call Us today!

Master Nail Technology Course

Become not just an Expert Nail Technician yourself, but an Expert Nail Trainer!

The course includes everything from the basic Nail Systems to the latest Advance Systems like Acrylic, Gel, Polygel, Dip Powder and Fiber Glass. 

This course not only teaches you beyond advanced Nail Techniques, but also trains you to become a problem solver, develops your overall personality, and communication skills to be able to Travel and train across the Globe! If you Aspire to be one, Give us a Call today!

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